The new version of Aladdin that Disney is going to unveil to people will fluctuate from the first animated film in various ways. Among the manufacturers of this film ensures for example that Jasmine's character will possess aspirations than that of locating a loving husband.

Just by transposing an animated universe into the real world, the newest version of Aladdin from Disney appears, even prior to its release, as a work to different from the first. And contrary to what you could think, to color Will Smith in blue and to make it more chubby to bring him nearer to Genie of 1992 is a fidelity which reassures.

Even the Empire website recently published a brand new exclusive picture of the movie depicting the meeting between Aladdin and Jasmine at the Agrabah market. A cliché doesn't release anything or that could give the impression that these figures will probably be animated by their mutual love feelings.

Jasmine may have"a much stronger course" in Aladdin 2019

It'll be a priori nothing according to this co-producer Dan Lin who remembers the "from the original film, one could have the impression that [Jasmine] did not have a goal as constrained" as that of finding "the'love of his life'. And even though the princess will still have that goal in the 2019 movie, "she wants to see more of Agrabah play a bigger part in the direction of the city. His character has a much stronger livelihood "

Jasmine is going to be played here by Naomi Scott, a British performer who, in 2017, played Kimberly, Force Rose, at Dean Israelite's Power Rangers film adaptation. In the last few decades, she is attempting to sing. By The Hollywood Reporter, Naomi Scot said in 2017 about Jasmine she was "a teenaged girl .

Released on May 22 in French cinemas and 2 days afterwards in the United States.

"Aladdin": a Brand New trailer unveiled

Disney took great advantage of this broadcast of this Grammy Awards, this Sunday, February 10, to show a brand new preview of Aladdin, remake of the revived classic of 1992 led by Guy Ritchie and whose launch is scheduled for May 24, between the outings of Dumbo and that the Lion King.

Yes, this season, Disney plans to earn a good deal of money.

In such images, we can see from the epidermis of the Genie for the first time in action Will Smith. And last 17, following the disappointment engendered by these initial images of this production's revelation, it is a Genius that is blue and lovely we see coming from this magic lamp.

This file being settled (at least, for today ), we are now able to focus on the quality of some particular effects...

Judge for yourself with the movie at the head of the article...

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